Sites that you put up for your business, be it a website or social media or a blog, must have an appeal to them. They have to look good and attractive to the general public, and to your target audience, they must seem like an answered prayer. With that said, you have to be diligent in getting the best for your site to ensure success. And in this article, we shall look into those tools many overlooks, but ones that can make your website the talk of the town. So read on.

  • 1. Use relevant imagery

It is believed that a picture is worth a thousand words. And this is true, as evidently shown through research. The human brain is known to remember images of specific colors and shapes better than the words written as captions. If you don’t believe us, then why are there so many pictorial apps online today? The reason is the same. Pictures create a lasting memory. So much so, you must include relevant imagery on all your sites. A web design Malaysia firm, for instance, does so, so why don’t you?

  • 2. Posts videos 

Videos are also another great addition to your sites that will get people talking. Key things to note when posting videos are to keep it relevant and, most importantly, short. Nobody has time to watch a 45-minute video on how to fix a bulb. You must create a short video that one can see in less than 3 minutes. Remember, most browsers do it while they are on the move. So much so, short ones will do you justice.

  • 3. Use music

Next to pictures, music also sticks in our minds like glue. Ever been in a situation where you cannot get a beat out of your mind? Most times, these melodies are high pitched and funny-sounding with an up-beat that lifts your mood. The use of such sounds is very much deliberate, and you must utilize this tool to the fullest. Stick to originality and keep the melody short too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you hear one of your followers humming a tune you used?

  • 4. Post testimonial success stories

Another powerful tool to use is testimonials. Here you may use videos or snippets of posts your customers and site visitors provided after interacting with your business. These prove to your new visitors that you know what you are doing and you give only the best for your clients. And this will make them trust you.

  • 5. Include a chat channel on all your sites

Last but not least, include a chatting channel just like a web design Penang site does. You do this so that your site visitors can get to you. Through this channel, they can submit their compliments and complains. As a matter of fact, you should urge them to give you feedback via these channels so that you can improve your sites.

If you include the above, you will, without a doubt, see stunning changes on your sites.

By palmora