155-year-old South Carolina Faculty Elects First Black Homecoming Queen

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When her body becomes heavy and he or she climbs on the desk to sleep, the display behind her falls away, the stage opens up and a troupe of performers emerge, dragging corpses and vibrating with movement. They gown and caress Bianchi’s physique, creating a fever-dream round her. As the show expands, beautiful and grisly, Bianchi becomes not only a sacrifice for instance the story, but a bodily symbol of the burden of her research. The rigour slackens somewhat in a while but the scope and scale of the piece is astonishing, dragging us through hell and out the opposite aspect without ever being gratuitous or graphic in its presentation.

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The day of the taking pictures, on Oct. 21, 2021, the crew was setting up a decent frame of Mr. Baldwin drawing an old-fashioned revolver. Investigators said he was told the gun was “cold,” meaning on this case that it …

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